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Est. May, 2009

ALITI FASHIONS is an Illinois, USA based fashion brand that was established in May, 2009. 

The brand focuses on providing a wide variety of unique, quality filled women's, men's and children's custom designed apparel. Aside from clothing, ALITI FASHIONS also provides unique accessories for it's customers to choose from. Using a rich array of textiles and by breaking cultural boundaries, ALITI FASHIONS is able to create designs that defines its wearer, while bringing out their inner beauty, elegance, grace and poise.

We believe in making ALITI FASHIONS a one-stop shop for all of our clients without discrimination. Frustrated with the industry's standards, our sizes currently range from Small to XXX-Large, breaking that plus-size barrier and boosting our clients' moral. We have expanded our brand into the plus size niche market without sending our clients to a "Plus Size" store, which they love.

ALITI FASHIONS is a successful brand which is rapidly growing in favoritism and is breaking state and international borders. At ALITI FASHIONS we have always been very sensitive to our customers wants and needs. This has enabled us to keep ahead of the trends, providing fashion forward apparel and accessories for our clients. For example, the "Tribal" movement had been initiated into ALITI FASHIONS' apparel and accessories since 2009 and later on exploded in 2012.

We have found that our key to success has been the feedback we receive from our customers which we constantly use to better the structure of our business.



2501 Chatham Rd Ste R,

Springfield, IL 62704

United States of America

(operating out of Chicago)

USA: +1 (312) 261-0806

Dubai: +97156 788-5431

UAE WhatsApp: +97156 788-5431

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