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The Designer
BSc Degree  in Applied Sciences & Arts 
from the Southern Illinois University - Carbondale
Degree: Fashion Design & Merchandis
Specialization: Fashion Design

Founder/ Head Designer
Serial Entrepreneur of 17 Businesses and Projects

Alina Liwo got her Bachelor's Degree in Applied Sciences & Arts at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, USA; majoring in Fashion Design & Merchandising, with a specialization in Fashion Design.


This May 27, 2022 will mark the 13 year anniversary of ALITI FASHIONS, USA. Since the launch of Alina’s fashion brand, she has been asked to showcase her collections within the US and at major fashion shows such as New York Fashion Week as an Emerging Designer, London Fashion Week, Miami Fashion Week, Berlin Fashion Week, Brazilian Fashion Week, Sydney Fashion Week and her attendance has been requested for at fashion shows in Paris, Dubai, Ghana and many more. 

She has designed evening gowns worn on the red carpet and has also designed wedding dresses, evening wear and abayas for European clients as well as local Dubai clients.


When showcasing previous collections, Alina never discriminated against the size of a model, but required technique on the runway. Together with her sister, Izabel Liwo, they began training select groups of models before they could walk the runways at her shows. Since then, some of these models have moved on to model in New York Fashion Week, for Aeropostale and through such opportunities, have even taken on acting and have been a part of scenes as extras for TV shows like GLEE, etc.


The request for the duo's model coaching services grew over the years and led to the launch of ALITI Productions & Talent Agency (ALITI P&T), which she owns along with her sister, Izabel Liwo, in the States. Alina is also the CEO of Aliti International, FZE which was founded by her Father and is based in the UAE. Aliti International is the umbrella corporation for the Liwo family's operations and handles the export of a variety of consumer goods to countries all over the world. Alina believes in the importance of philanthropic work, and is always looking for ways to give back to the community. Thanks to the Fashion Design and Merchandising department at SIUC, she was able to submit her designs for the university's annual Red Dress Fashion Show, which creates awareness for heart disease in women.


On October 2nd, 2010 she held the first official A L I T I F A S H I O N S 2010 Fall Fashion Show titled 'Blue Lagoon' and showcased 27 original designs. The fashion show featured guest designers from Houston and London. All of the proceeds from the show were donated to the Boys & Girls Club in Carbondale, Illinois.


Since then, she launched the philanthropic sectors of her ALITI companies called ALITI CARES.

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